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The worn walls lit up from the inside of the house-shaped piece

Room of Growth

Installation with moving image and sound, 2010
Recycled textile, aluminium, 250 x 120 x 250 cm
For Room of Growth, I darned together worn and patched-up pieces of clothing, full of holes. They form the well-worn walls, or the skin, of the house-shaped work. The events inside the room are reflected on the walls as silhouettes, lighting up the work.

The materials came from many people and generations. The wear and tear and the patches illustrate the numerous decades the clothes originate from. Each garment has been softened by life.

In the video "In the Garden" (6"20 min) I use the garden as a metaphor for the female mind and body. I filmed events in my garden and greenhouse all the way from early spring to late fall. The garden exposes its diverse faces: mellow and blooming, but also cruel and macabre.
The House of Growth
Reflections on the ceiling of the installation room
Video image reflected on the ceiling of the house
Detail: "Skywards", textile sculpture, 110 x 50 cm
Detail of the skin of the work
Still from the video: a flower opening up
Still from the video: looking through a hole
Still from the video: view inside a flower
Installation view, Suomesta Galleria, Berlin, 2010